5 bladderwrack benefits

5 Benefits of Bladderwrack: Dosage & Safety

Bladderwrack is a seaweed superfood that has many potential health benefits. As such, its usage is growing in popularity. In this article, we’ll take a …

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sea moss benefits

6 Sea Moss Benefits: Safety & Dosage

Sea moss is a type of red seaweed that is starting to become popular for its various health benefits. As the awareness of this algae’s …

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the benefits of garlic

7 Garlic Benefits: Dosage & Safety

Garlic is an herb that is well-known for its heart health benefits and antimicrobial properties. It has been used throughout history as food. In traditional …

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the health benefits of cinnamon

8 Cinnamon Benefits: Dosage & Safety

Cinnamon is a spice with a long history of use in traditional medicine. It’s touted as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments, including …

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hibiscus benefits

5 Hibiscus Benefits: Dosage & Safety

Hibiscus is a plant with a long history of use as decoration, food, and medicine. This plant is also commonly called roselle. Historically, hibiscus has …

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health benefits of nattokinase - blood pressure

3 Nattokinase Benefits: Dosage & Safety

Nattokinase is a potent enzyme that has a range of potential health benefits. Nattokinase is popular in Asia and is used for heart health. In …

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