Daniel Powers, MS

Daniel is the founder of The Botanical Institute. He has a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine (with a focus on herbal formulation) from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

His passion is in finding the intersection between traditional herbal usage and modern scientific research. It may seem shocking, but oftentimes ancient man has a better understanding of how herbal medicine works than modern-day researchers! His goal is to thread the needle between traditional knowledge and modern breakthroughs.

When Daniel is not reading and writing about herbal medicine, he enjoys spending time with his wife Rachel and three young daughters (Gwen, Vivian, and Franklyn). He lives on an organic herb farm where he has unlimited access to play & experiment with herbs.

Articles by Daniel:

herbs for energy - rosemary - cover image

The 9 Best Herbs for Energy

Do you constantly have low energy while managing a long list of daily tasks? Is caffeine a frequent solution to …

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health benefits and safety of shilajit

6 Benefits of Shilajit: Dosage & Safety

Shilajit is a tar-like substance made from decomposed plants. Shilajit is found flowing from rocks in the Himalayan mountains. Locals discovered this mysterious substance and …

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shilajit vs. tongkat ali

Shilajit vs. Tongkat Ali: Which One is Best for You?

Tongkat ali and shilajit are both popular natural remedies often compared due to their potential health benefits for testosterone levels, athletic performance, and all-around energy …

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medicinal properties of purified shilajit

Shilajit Safety: Side Effects & Interactions

Shilajit is a unique natural substance, which is growing in popularity due to its potential health benefits for energy, hormonal health, brain function, and more. …

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