list of the five best bitter herbs for health

The 5 Best Bitter Herbs

Do you often feel bloated, gassy, or have intense heartburn? Are you wanting to encourage efficient and effective digestion? Bitter herbs have been traditionally used …

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the 7 best herbs for hair loss - sophora

The 7 Best Herbs for Hair Loss

It’s estimated that 50% of men and 15% of women will face hair loss. There are many herbs that have been traditionally used to treat …

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health benefits of ginkgo

The 7 Benefits of Ginkgo: Dosage & Safety

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is an ancient plant with a long history of use in traditional medicine.  It has been used in China for thousands of …

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best antifungal herbs for fungal growth

The 10 Best Antifungal Herbs

Fungal infections are extremely common around the world. These types of infections are likely to affect the skin, nails, and/or lung health. While antifungal drugs …

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benefits of andrographis

6 Benefits of Andrographis: Dosage & Safety

Andrographis is a plant with a long history of traditional use for enhancing immune health, fighting infections, and gastrointestinal health.  Traditionally, andrographis has been used …

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herbs for energy - rosemary - cover image

The 9 Best Herbs for Energy

Do you constantly have low energy while managing a long list of daily tasks? Is caffeine a frequent solution to boost your energy?  Research shows …

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best herbs for asthma - close up image of turmeric

The 9 Best Herbs for Asthma

Do you find breathing difficult at times? Does it feel as though you are unable to take long, deep breaths without coughing?  Asthma is a …

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2022 top dietary supplement trends

11 Dietary Supplement Trends in 2022

Dietary supplements are becoming more and more widespread in their availability and prevalence. Consumers are looking into many different types of supplements, including herbs, adaptogens, …

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