Daniel Powers, MS

Daniel is the founder of The Botanical Institute. He has a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine (with a focus on herbal formulation) from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

His passion is in finding the intersection between traditional herbal usage and modern scientific research. It may seem shocking, but oftentimes ancient man has a better understanding of how herbal medicine works than modern-day researchers! His goal is to thread the needle between traditional knowledge and modern breakthroughs.

When Daniel is not reading and writing about herbal medicine, he enjoys spending time with his wife Rachel and three young daughters (Gwen, Vivian, and Franklyn). He lives on an organic herb farm where he has unlimited access to play & experiment with herbs.

Articles by Daniel:

cistanche for testosterone

Cistanche for Testosterone

Cistanche is a herb that grows in the deserts of Asia. This herb was used in traditional medicine to help those struggling with sexual dysfunction …

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Nutrient Rich Herbs: The Complete Guide

Herbs are not only delicious flavor enhancers, but they can also offer a host of health benefits due to their high nutrient content. This article …

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herbs high in vitamin c

6 Herbs High In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for overall health and wellness. The human body is not able to make vitamin C, so it’s important to …

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health benefits of mullein

Mullein: 5 Key Benefits, Dosage, & Safety

Mullein is a plant with a long history of use for respiratory health, wound healing, and urinary tract infections. This plant is also regularly called …

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the 5 best herbs for lowering blood pressure

The 9 Best Herbs for Lowering Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, impacts almost 50% of all American adults. Doctors note that hypertension is the most preventable risk factor for heart …

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