The Best Shilajit Supplements | 2023 Complete Guide

Shilajit supplements have become popular in recent years due to their various purported health benefits. Shilajit is a natural tar-like substance found primarily in the Himalayas, it’s formed over centuries …

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Shilajit supplements have become popular in recent years due to their various purported health benefits.

Shilajit is a natural tar-like substance found primarily in the Himalayas, it’s formed over centuries by the gradual decomposition of plants. Essentially, this produces a mineral-rich substance that is easily absorbed by your body.

It’s thought that shilajit benefits the body by increasing testosterone levels, supporting brain function, and increasing energy levels. 

Nonetheless, further clinical research is needed to understand the implications of shilajit supplements and their safety and efficacy. As with all supplements, it is always recommended to consult a healthcare provider before adding it to your routine.

Ranking:#1. Editor’s Choice#2. Highest Dosage Formula#3. Most Versatile Formula
Product:best shilajit supplementbest shilajit supplementbest shilajit supplement
Brand:Lost Empire
Lotus Blooming HerbsPure Himalayan
Key Features:•Contains Both Fulvic & Humic Acid
• Sourced From the Himalayas
• Available as a Powder or Resin
•Creator of “Gold-Grade” Shilajit
•3rd Party Tested
• Direct Relationship to the Source
•Large Variety of Shilajit Types
•Harvested in the Himalayas
• Contains Fulvic Acid & Trace Minerals
Servings:About 5010075

The Best Shilajit Supplement Brands

Not sure where to turn when looking for the best shilajit supplement? This helpful article will guide you through the key factors to consider when choosing the best Shilajit brand – we detail which brands to look for, and which ones to stay away from. 

1. Shilajit by Lost Empire Herbs

best shilajit supplement

This shilajit supplement by Lost Empire Herbs contains both fulvic acid and humic acids, two of the key nutrients in shilajit. 

Lost Empire Herb has two shilajit supplement options available, both a resin formula and a powder formula. Each form has its own benefits, which we’ll detail below.

Shilajit Powder:

Standardized to contain 51% Fulvic Acids, Humic Acids and Dibenzo-Alpha-Pyrones. Additionally, it contains over 85 ionic-form minerals. Shilajit powder is easy to add to a morning smoothie, and it’s slightly less expensive than the resin formula.

Shilajit Resin:

Classic resin formula. Contains 21% fulvic acids and 11% humic acids. 100 servings per container. Take 1 small spoonful daily. Shilajit resin is the more potent form of shilajit. It’s minimally processed and is as close to its natural state as possible.

Lost Empire’s shilajit supplements are independently tested for purity and potency. You can read through the CoA (certificate of analysis) on the product page, which few companies these days provide. They also have a 365-day money-back guarantee.

All part of the reason why we rate this as being the best shilajit supplement.


  • Multiple types of shilajit (both resin form and powder)
  • Made with shilajit sourced from the Himalayas
  • Affordable pricing


  • The full mineral breakdown isn’t provided on the label
  • Frequently out of stock

2. Authentic Shilajit by Lotus Blooming Herbs

best shilajit supplement

Lotus Blooming Herbs are the creators of the gold-grade shilajit. This premium shilajit formula contains a wide spectrum of minerals and trace elements as well as naturally occurring fulvic acid.

This shilajit is naturally purified with filtered spring water before being laboratory tested for safety. They provide a full-readout of 4 common toxins that you want to avoid when taking shilajit, these include cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and lead.

The founder of Lotus Blooming Herbs, Johann Helf, hand selects and imports the fulvic acid-rich mineral resin from a remote, high-altitude region of the Himalayan mountains along the Tibetan border.


  • Made with authentic shilajit
  • Tested in an FDA-registered, cGMP-certified, independent, third-party laboratory 
  • The company has a direct-source relationship 


  • Only available in resin-form
  • High cost

3. Soft Resin Shilajit by Pure Himalayan

best shilajit supplement

Pure Himalayan is a popular shilajit brand that focuses on creating fresh, pure shilajit supplements.

They harvest their shilajit at 16,000 feet of altitude in the Himalayan mountains. It contains both fulvic acid and trace minerals. Pure Himalayan shilajit also undergoes a heavy metal testing assay on their products to ensure purity and safety.

Pure Himalayan has a variety of different types of shilajit, but their best-selling formula is their Himalalyan-based resin formula.


  • Offer a variety of forms of shilajit (powder, resin, and tablets)
  • Harvested from high in the Himalayas, which helps to ensure purity
  • Affordable cost


  • Testing protocols could be more in-depth
  • Only a 60-day product guarantee

4. Pure Shilajit by Siberian Treasure

best shilajit supplement

This brand, Siberian Treasure, distributes Russian-sourced shilajit supplements. Russian shilajit is a more affordable shilajit form since it’s not seen as “true shilajit”.

Russian shilajit is created in the mountains throughout Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, and Mongolia.

It has similar benefits to Himalayan shilajit, but is often stigmatized for its non-Indian source.

Siberian Treasure shilajit is sourced from the remote Altai mountains of Siberia. It contains similar minerals as the other formulas in this list.

It appears as if there are some inconsistencies from batch to batch with this brand. While it’s more of an affordable option, product quality is lacking.


  • Lower cost compared to other Shilajit supplements
  • Sourced directly from Siberia


  • Siberian form
  • Product quality varies from batch to batch

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a sticky, tar-like natural substance that oozes out of cracks in the rocky mountains of the Himalayas, Altai, Caucasus, and other mountain ranges. It is a natural exudate formed over centuries by the decomposition of plant and microbial matter.

Shilajit has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, especially in India, as a rejuvenating and healing substance.

shilajit health benefits

Potential Health Benefits of Shilajit:

Shilajit is said to provide numerous health benefits, these include:

1. May Boost Energy & Stamina

Shilajit is believed to enhance energy levels and improve physical stamina. It contains fulvic acid, which may help optimize the body’s energy levels at a cellular level. By supporting the mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of cells, shilajit can aid in increasing overall energy levels, reducing fatigue, and promoting endurance.

2. May Improve Brain Function

Shilajit has been traditionally used as a natural brain tonic to support cognitive function. It is believed to help improve memory, concentration, and mental clarity. The fulvic acid present in shilajit may help protect brain cells from oxidative stress and inflammation, potentially contributing to better cognitive performance.

3. Immune System Support

Shilajit contains various minerals and compounds that can enhance the body’s immune response. The fulvic acid and other bioactive substances in shilajit may help stimulate the immune system, making it more effective in fighting off infections and diseases.

4. Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Shilajit is known for its potent antioxidant properties. The presence of fulvic acid, along with other bioactive components like dibenzo-alpha-pyrones, helps neutralize harmful free radicals, which are responsible for oxidative stress and cell damage. Additionally, shilajit’s anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce inflammation in the body, potentially benefiting those with inflammatory conditions.

5. May Promote Bone Health

Shilajit is a source of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which play crucial roles in maintaining bone health. Regular consumption of shilajit may help support bone density and strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

6. May Improve Sexual Function

Shilajit has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and to enhance male reproductive health. It is believed to increase sperm count, motility, and overall semen quality. The presence of minerals and other bioactive compounds in shilajit may also contribute to improved reproductive function in men.

Types of Shilajit:

There are various types of shilajit that are available for purchase. If you’re not sure what form of shilajit to buy, read this helpful guide.

Shilajit Powder:

Shilajit powder is a convenient and versatile form of shilajit. It is typically derived from purified and processed shilajit resin, which is then ground into a fine powder. Pure shilajit powder can be easily mixed into water, juices, smoothies, or other beverages, making it a convenient way to consume shilajit. Some people prefer the powder form because it allows for more flexibility in adjusting the dosage according to their needs.


  • Easy to mix with various liquids
  • Customizable dosage
  • Suitable for those who may have difficulty swallowing tablets


  • May have a slightly bitter taste
  • Difficult to accurately measure for precise dosing

Shilajit Resin:

Shilajit resin is the raw and unprocessed form of shilajit, collected directly from the rocks. It is a sticky, tar-like substance that comes in small chunks or pieces. Shilajit resin is usually dissolved in warm water or other liquids before consumption. This traditional form of shilajit is considered potent due to its natural and unprocessed composition, containing a wide range of beneficial compounds in their raw state.


  • Natural and unprocessed form, likely to retain a broader spectrum of minerals and bioactive compounds.
  • Backed by hundreds of years of traditional usage


  • May have an acquired taste
  • Requires additional preparation before consumption
  • Cleanup can be messy
  • May have higher toxin levels due to minimal processing

Liquid Shilajit:

This is unprocessed, non-dried shilajit, resulting in the lowest concentration of beneficial compounds. It is commonly administered using an eye dropper and can be consumed directly or mixed with a beverage. While it has the least potency, it may be suitable for topical applications. However, it is less convenient for travel due to its liquid form.


  • Easy to measure and take
  • Best for topical application (i.e. wound healing)


  • Least potent form
  • Not easy to travel with

Which Form of Shilajit Is Best?

All forms of shilajit offer many health benefits, but pure shilajit resin stands out as one of the most favored types due to its ease of use and high concentration of beneficial compounds. Its minimal processing ensures that vital nutrients remain intact, as heat doesn’t destroy them.

On the other hand, when it comes to convenience, shilajit powder is also a great choice as it tends to be cost-effective and easier to consume.

Himalayan Shilajit vs. Russian Shilajit:

Shilajit has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, which originated in India. Many people consider shilajit from the Himalayan Mountains (near India) as the authentic form of shilajit. However, shilajit is also found in various other places worldwide, including Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, and Mongolia.

The composition of shilajit may vary depending on where it comes from, but samples from different regions have found that they all contain similar compounds.

In terms of its medicinal benefits, the source of shilajit doesn’t really matter. Despite this, Himalayan shilajit is often marketed as the “real shilajit” and is more expensive than shilajit from other countries.

When comparing Himalayan shilajit and Russian shilajit, it really doesn’t matter where it’s from as long as it’s a pure shilajit product. The mineral composition is similar between Russian shilajit and Himalayan shilajit.

How Are Shilajit Supplements Made?

In nature, shilajit looks like a hard, dark brownish-black rock. When it’s hot outside, the shilajit becomes sticky and turns into a resin that oozes out of rocks.

After collecting shilajit, it goes through a process of cold-filtering to remove any impurities, and then it is left to dry in the sun. Depending on how much it dries, it can become a liquid, sticky substance, or hard like a rock. If you leave a jar of liquid or sticky shilajit for some time, it will eventually become hard as the moisture evaporates.

Sometimes, shilajit liquid is freeze-dried to make a powder. This is different from “standardized shilajit,” which is also a powder but has undergone extra processing steps.


What’s better, Shilajit Powder or Shilajit Resin?

The choice between shilajit powder and shilajit resin depends on personal preferences and intended use. Shilajit powder offers the advantage of easy measurement and mixing with liquids, allowing for precise dosing and versatility. It can be conveniently added to water, juices, or smoothies, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a tasteless option. However, the processing and drying involved in creating the powder may result in a slightly lower concentration of active compounds compared to shilajit resin.

On the other hand, shilajit resin is often considered the more traditional and potent form of shilajit. It is the raw, unprocessed resin collected directly from rocks and is likely to contain a higher concentration of beneficial compounds, including minerals and fulvic acid. The minimal processing ensures that essential nutrients remain intact, as they are not exposed to heat during drying. However, shilajit resin has a strong taste and odor that some people may find challenging to tolerate. It requires additional preparation before consumption, as it needs to be dissolved in warm water or other liquids. Additionally, its sticky and semi-solid form may be less convenient for travel.

Ultimately, the choice between shilajit powder and shilajit resin depends on individual preferences. If convenience and tasteless dosing are preferred, shilajit powder may be the better option. For those seeking a more traditional, potent form with potentially higher concentrations of beneficial compounds, and don’t mind the taste, shilajit resin could be the preferred choice.

Is Himalayian Shilajit Better Than Russian Shilajit?

No, research indicates that both types of shilajit have similar mineral profiles, and thus, similar health benefits.

What Does Shilajit Do In The Body?

Shilajit is rich in a compound known as fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is thought to help stimulate energy production, blood formation, and reduce hypoxia. It may also help transport nutrients to tissues and helps overcome lethargy, tiredness, and chronic fatigue. 

What Are The Side Effects of Shilajit?

The primary side effect of shilajit is digestive issues. It can cause digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea – especially if taken in large doses. Additionally, shilajit may interact with certain medications, including blood thinners and medications for diabetes.

Is Shilajit FDA Approved?

No. Similar to most supplements, shilajit is not regulated by the FDA. This is why it is important to let a healthcare professional know if you’re considering using shilajit for any health purpose.


In conclusion, shilajit supplements have gained popularity for their potential health benefits, which include increased energy, brain function support, and immune system support. However, more clinical research is needed to fully understand the implications of shilajit supplements and their safety and efficacy. It’s crucial to consult a healthcare provider before adding shilajit to your routine or any other supplement, to ensure it aligns with your individual health needs.

When choosing between shilajit powder and shilajit resin, it comes down to personal preferences. Shilajit powder offers ease of mixing and dosing, while shilajit resin is considered more potent due to its raw and unprocessed nature. Both forms can provide many health benefits, so the decision depends on what works best for you.

Moreover, whether Himalayan or Russian shilajit, the mineral composition is similar, and both can offer similar health benefits. The source doesn’t significantly impact the efficacy of the supplement.

Overall, shilajit supplements can be a valuable addition to your health regimen, but it’s essential to choose reputable brands and follow recommended dosages. As with any supplement, individual reactions may vary, and it’s essential to listen to your body and seek medical advice from a healthcare professional if necessary. Always prioritize safety and quality when considering any dietary supplement.

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