What is Maca Coffee? Benefits, Taste, & More

Recently, maca coffee has grown in popularity as a coffee substitute. What is maca coffee, what are its health benefits, and should you drink it? We answer all this and …

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Recently, maca coffee has grown in popularity as a coffee substitute.

What is maca coffee, what are its health benefits, and should you drink it?

We answer all this and more below.

benefits of maca coffee

What is Maca Coffee?

Maca coffee is a latte made from maca, a tuber-like plant that grows in the mountains of South America.

Despite its name, maca coffee does not actually contain coffee. It’s called “coffee” since it has a taste and manner of preparation similar to coffee.

It’s frequently offered since it makes a great alternative to coffee for individuals who are seeking to avoid caffeinated beverages or those who are interested in nutritional and herbal medicines.

Maca coffee may be combined with other plants in certain situations, but some manufacturers just use pure maca.

To prepare a normal coffee-style beverage, dissolve the maca powder in hot water. The maca powder may also be used to make a hot or cold latte drink by mixing it with the dairy or nut milk of your choosing.

In South America, maca is used as a food, however, in the United States and other countries, it is sold as a dietary supplement.

Maca is touted for its ability to increase libido and fertility as well as provide users with additional energy; it is often advertised as a natural alternative that works to support sexual health.

The claims that maca helps to support sexual function are well-founded, as numerous clinical trials have shown that maca may be able to increase libido.

However, the safety of maca has not been established for nursing women. Avoiding maca coffee may be a good idea for those who are nursing.

Maca Coffee Brands:

Maca energy coffee is sold by a variety of brand names by many natural dietary supplement companies and health food stores. Each brand roasts its maca coffee differently, and some may taste better than others.

Another thing to consider is that some brands include other herbs, such as ginseng, in their mixes. These herbs are commonly believed to have energizing or aphrodisiac effects.

You can also find maca coffee that includes real coffee as well as additional sweeteners or creamers. Maca coffee entirely composed of roasted maca root is recommended for individuals who don’t want to consume too much caffeine or are looking to avoid processed food.

Plain maca powder has a slightly sweet, malty flavor that complements baked goods and smoothies. Another alternative is to use a flavored maca powder, which might include other botanicals and sugars that may make maca easier to consume.

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Health Benefits of Maca Coffee:

Maca was traditionally used as a food source by native tribes in South America. Below are the two top research-backed maca coffee benefits.

1. May Improve Sexual Function

According to human clinical research and traditional usage, maca may help boost sex drive as well as sexual performance and function.

A 12-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that maca helped men have more sex drive. After 8 weeks of treatment (with a 3,000mg daily dose), the researchers noted an increase in sexual desire in the maca group. It was discovered that although maca improved sexual interest and desire, it did not alter hormone production.

In a clinical study on women with sexual dysfunction, 3g of maca each day was found to increase sexual desire. The researchers noted that the maca was well tolerated and that a 3g dose was more effective than a 1.5g dose.

2. May Improve Stamina & Energy

Maca coffee has been linked to a boost in energy and endurance.

A clinical trial was conducted to determine maca’s impact on athletes. The researchers noted that the performance of the athletes increased by 10.3% on average. According to the findings, maca is thought to improve not only athletes’ but also everyone’s physical health.

A placebo-controlled study discovered that maca aided healthy men to improve self-reported energy levels.

Nutrients in Maca Coffee:

Maca coffee contains an abundance of nutrients.

Some of the key nutrients include:

  • B vitamins
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Potassium

All of these nutrients work together to support overall health.

Additionally, maca coffee is a good source of antioxidants, which scavenge harmful toxins and byproducts that can damage cells.

Where Does Maca Come From?

Maca, also called “Peruvian ginseng”, is a native plant that has been used in medicine for thousands of years. It grows in the Andes mountains at high altitudes.

The plant itself is actually a vegetable similar to a radish, though the main edible portion of it is the roots, which are used to create maca powder, supplement capsules, or liquid forms of the maca plant product.

There are several other types of maca root employed to make maca powders and medicines, each with its own set of advantages.

These include:

  • Yellow maca (most common)
  • Red maca
  • Black maca (most rare)

Each type of maca root is said to provide different benefits.

Is Maca Coffee Safe?

For the most part, maca energy coffee is considered safe to consume by most people.

One possible exception may be for persons who have thyroid issues and should use caution before taking it.

Similarly, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not consume maca without first speaking with their healthcare provider.

How to Use Maca Powder in Coffee:

If you’re looking for a caffeine-free alternative to coffee in the morning, maca coffee just might be the answer.

Maca coffee is a naturally energizing herbal drink that can help to give you high-energy days.

You can also make a caffeine-free maca latte, add maca powder to your daily cup of coffee, or prepare a maca latte and eliminate the caffeine.

How To Make a Maca Latte:

Mix about a teaspoon of dried maca root powder into your cup along with cream, sugar, or any other flavorings you like.

If you decide to use maca in your coffee, it’s a good idea to allow the liquid to cool somewhat first, since extreme heat can break some of the maca’s chemicals, which provide its health benefits.

There are a variety of maca- and coffee-based recipes on the internet that provide suggestions for flavor pairings. Experiment with various tastes until you discover one that you enjoy using in your daily routine.

The majority of people use cow’s or coconut milk as a foundation for their all-maca latte. The liquid should be heated, and the powdered maca can be incorporated and mixed until completely dissolved. Typically, additional spices and tastes are added to provide the beverage more body and resemble a traditional coffee latte.

What Does Maca Taste Like?

It’s a good idea to have some idea of what maca will taste like before adding it to coffee or other meals and beverages.

Maca is often described as having a nutty flavor and being somewhat earthy-tasting.

If you don’t like this flavor profile, it may be helpful to remember that adding other components and spices may improve the flavor considerably. Some people have described the taste of maca lattes as having an almost butterscotch-like flavor.

Other Ways To Add Maca To Your Diet:

Maca may also be used in a variety of other meals and beverages, in addition to mixing it with coffee.

Consider altering your coffee to make it smoother, stirring it into a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, or using it in homemade baked goods.

You can also take maca in capsule form. This is the best route for those that don’t like the taste of maca.

Some individuals prefer to take a gelatinized version of maca, as they find it easier on their stomachs.

You can read more on our guide to gelatinized vs. non-gelatinized maca here.


Maca coffee is a drink made from maca root and coffee. It has many benefits for overall health and can be used in place of coffee to get the benefits of maca.

Maca root comes in several different colors, each with its own set of benefits. It is safe for most people to consume, with the exception of pregnant or breastfeeding women.

If you’re interested in adding this herb to your life, consider drinking a mug of maca coffee.

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