The Best Tea for Weight Loss

Are you considering weight loss but would like to take a natural approach?  Deciding to lose weight can seem daunting and overwhelming with all the weight loss options on the …

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Are you considering weight loss but would like to take a natural approach? 

Deciding to lose weight can seem daunting and overwhelming with all the weight loss options on the market. And it’s sometimes hard to tell which products will also support your health along the way.   

Herbal teas can be a great choice for encouraging weight loss. In this article, we’ll discuss natural methods for weight loss and share some of the best tea for weight loss.  

best tea for weight loss health benefits


Maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health, wellness, and energy levels.

Being overweight is known to cause complications that are problematic for overall health. 

In the US, obesity prevalence in adults makes up approximately 41.9% of the population. The general cause of obesity is multi-faceted, including a combination of lifestyle, diet, and genetics. 

Physical activity is one of the best ways to promote weight loss, which can include:

  • Slow movement 
  • Walking 
  • Gentle yoga 
  • Rigorous activity
  • Running
  • Weight lifting

Herbal teas may have the ability to quell hunger, support physical endurance, and balance the stress response to support weight loss. That’s why we’ll be reviewing the best natural teas and herbs for weight loss below.

Best Tea for Weight Loss:

Below is a list of the best herbs to use in tea for weight loss. These natural weight loss remedies have been known to support weight loss in numerous ways.  

green tea for weight loss

1. Green Tea 

Countless research studies demonstrate that green tea benefits weight loss and metabolism, suggesting it belongs at the top of the “best tea for weight loss” list.  

In a clinical study involving overweight women, those who received a green tea extract experienced a significant increase in weight loss compared to those who didn’t receive the extract. Researchers also noted that the green tea group had significantly lower ghrelin levels, i.e. the “hunger” hormone. 

Another clinical trial observing overweight adults found that a green tea meal replacement supplement supported significant weight loss. The adults who consumed the green tea formula also noted lower cholesterol levels. 

A clinical study involving women with metabolic syndrome discovered that the daily administration of green tea resulted in lower waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, and body mass index (BMI). Other cardiovascular factors were also improved. 

Lastly, a fourth clinical trial observing the effects of green tea on participants with obesity found that green tea caused significant weight loss. Researchers also noted that the green tea improved the ability to burn more calories. 

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ginseng tea for weight loss

2. Ginseng

Ginseng, commonly known as Panax ginseng, is a popular herb worldwide that has been used for millennia. It has a characteristic “tap root” that is thought to look like a person.   

In a review of ginseng and obesity, researchers found that ginseng and its active constituent, ginsenoside, may help with weight loss through its ability to control appetite and prevent excess energy intake. Ginseng may also decrease blood glucose and lipid levels.   

Another review involving subjects with metabolic syndrome discovered that ginseng significantly decreases fat mass and obesity. The herb also significantly improved blood pressure and blood glucose levels. 

A clinical trial observing women with obesity found that ginseng had weight loss effect. Researchers also noted ginseng had a small effect on the participants’ gut microbiome.

In an animal study involving mice fed with a high-fat diet, ginseng was able to inhibit obesity and decrease high levels of fat in the bloodstream. This suggests ginseng tea may be beneficial for those with high-fat diets that are trying to lose weight. 

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weight loss benefits of cordyceps tea

3. Cordyceps  

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom that grows in high altitudes of the Himalayas. It is known for its adaptogenic effects.    

A clinical trial involving healthy volunteers found that cordyceps mushrooms increased the subjects’ tolerance for high-intensity exercise. This suggests that cordyceps may be a great option for those using exercise to lose weight. 

Another study with healthy participants discovered that cordyceps capsules taken 3x/day improved exercise performance, which can help with weight management and loss. 

A review observing the effects of cordyceps on the stress response found that the mushroom was able to improve physical endurance and increase oxygen intake. This could be helpful for those considering weight loss accompanied by exercise.

ginger tea for losing weight

4. Ginger  

Ginger is a perennial plant that thrives in tropical conditions. The ginger plant contains a fleshy rhizome, or underground stem, known for its therapeutic effects and spicy, sweet flavor. 

A research review of ginger discovered that the herb significantly decreases body weight among other weight loss indications. Ginger also affected blood glucose levels suggesting it would be an effective tea for those trying to lose weight in a natural, healthy manner. 

Another review involving clinical, animal, and lab-based studies found that ginger was able to suppress fat formation and fat absorption, as well as control appetite. This means that ginger could potentially be used for those trying to prevent weight gain or lose weight. 

An animal trial observing rats with obesity found that ginger water reduced body weight gain. Researchers also noted that the rats exhibited higher levels of energy after receiving the ginger water, making it a possible weight loss option for those implementing exercise.  

Another animal trial involving mice with high-fat diets discovered ginger supplementation reduced weight gain regardless of diet. Ginger also reduces cholesterol levels.

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fenugreek tea to enhance weight loss

5. Fenugreek   

Fenugreek is an herb native to the Mediterranean region. It is used as a flavoring agent for numerous foods and beverages and is also used in cosmetics and soaps. 

In a clinical trial observing overweight participants, fenugreek seed extract was able to significantly decrease dietary fat consumption, suggesting that fenugreek may help subjects maintain or lose weight. Researchers also noted there was a significant decrease in blood glucose levels. 

An animal study observing rats with obesity discovered that fenugreek seed extract had a lowering effect on cholesterol levels. There was also a significant decrease in blood sugar-related issues.  

Another animal study with obese mice found that fenugreek supplementation regulated blood sugar and lipid levels. This suggests that fenugreek may support weight loss by balancing unhealthy blood sugar levels and lipids in the bloodstream. 

A review of fenugreek supplementation found that the herb was able to significantly increase endurance and delay fatigue, suggesting it may be a good weight loss option for those implementing exercise. It should be noted that not all studies observed these effects, and some did not have significant results. 

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best teas for weight maintenance

Concerns for Being Overweight:

Higher weight can cause numerous health issues that may lead to long-term conditions or complications. 

Some issues that accompany being overweight may include: 

  • Heart complications 
  • Diabetes
  • Joint pain 
  • Low mood 
  • Stress
  • Cancer

How to Support Weight Loss:

Apart from various herbal weight loss options, there’s a wide range of supportive methods for encouraging weight loss. These techniques can be implemented into any regimen. 

Some effective weight loss methods include:

  • Physical movement and exercise 
  • Eating whole foods 
  • Including foods high in fiber 
  • Avoiding processed foods 
  • Supporting the gut microbiome 
  • Hydration 
best teas for weight and fat loss


Considering weight loss may have a positive impact on quality of life. Herbal tea for weight loss may be included as a supplement to avoid weight gain, improve endurance, and suppress hunger.  

It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional if you’re considering adding an herbal tea to your daily regimen. 

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