The Best Cinnamon Supplements | 2023 Complete Guide

Many people know of cinnamon primarily for culinary uses, but it also has potential health benefits, such as blood sugar regulation and improved digestion. Today, there are many different cinnamon …

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Many people know of cinnamon primarily for culinary uses, but it also has potential health benefits, such as blood sugar regulation and improved digestion.

Today, there are many different cinnamon supplements out there which are formulated to contain higher concentrations of bioactive components in cinnamon and thus, greater benefits. 

In this article, we’ll go over the top cinnamon supplements that may be able to improve your health. Additionally, we’ll cover key information such as which form of cinnamon to take, the potential side effects, and how to use it.

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#2. Best Ceylon Cinnamon#3. Best Organic
Product:best cinnamon supplement - utzy naturalsbest cinnamon supplement - oregon's wild harvestbest cinnamon supplement - organic india
Brand:Utzy NaturalsOregon’s Wild HarvestOrganic India
Key Features:•Concentrated Dose
•Made in the USA
•Low Coumarin Content
•3rd-Party Tested
•Uses Certified Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
•High Dose Per Serving
•3rd-Party Tested
• USDA Certified Organic Cinnamon
•Vegan, Non-GMO
•3rd-Party Tested
•Sourced from India in Small Farms

The Best Cinnamon Supplements:

There are a wide variety of cinnamon supplements out there. Listed below are the top five brands that we recommend getting your cinnamon dietary supplements.

1. Utzy Naturals

best cinnamon supplement - utzy naturals

Utzy Naturals Glucose Support Factors is the editor’s choice and our overall top pick for a cinnamon supplement. This formula contains a trademarked form of cinnamon extract called Cinnulin PF®, which is extracted at a 20:1 ratio for higher concentration of bioactive components, as well as a significant reduction in coumarin (which can be harmful at high doses).

There are several other ingredients in here to support healthy blood sugar levels and overall health, such as chromium, ginger, and alpha-lipoic acid. 

Additionally, Utzy Naturals Glucose Support Factors is made in the USA in cGMP, FDA-approved,  NSF®-Certified facilities. It is also third-party tested for purity, safety, and potency, and is free of any artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives. 


  • Highly concentrated form of cinnamon
  • Low coumarin content
  • Third-party tested
  • Includes several other beneficial herbs and compounds
  • NSF®-Certified
  • Experienced company


  • Only available as capsules
  • Some people may not want the additional ingredients

2. Oregon’s Wild Harvest

best cinnamon supplement - oregon's wild harvest

Oregon’s Wild Harvest “True” Cinnamon is a particularly high-dosed cinnamon supplement with 900mg of cinnamon per serving. They only use Ceylon cinnamon which is known as “true” cinnamon and is said to be a higher quality than the more commonly produced cassia cinnamon. 

Additionally, the cinnamon they use is from certified organic farms. Oregon’s Wild Harvest is a family-owned company and has existed since 1994. 

Oregon’s Wild Harvest “True” Cinnamon Is also third-party tested, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and free from artificial colors, artificial flavors, and fillers.

Overall, Oregon’s Wild Harvest has created the best Ceylon cinnamon supplement.


  • High dose per serving
  • Uses Ceylon cinnamon
  • Third-party tested
  • Experienced company
  • Certified Organic by OTCO


  • Not available as cinnamon powder or other forms
  • Dose may be a bit high for some people

3. Organic India

best cinnamon supplement - organic india

Organic India Ceylon Cinnamon contains 650mg of Organic Ceylon cinnamon per serving (two capsules). It is certified USDA Organic, vegan, third-party tested and non-GMO. Their cinnamon is sourced directly from farmers in Southern India and is ground in their own facility, which is cGMP and FDA-approved.

Also, Organic India is a very reputable company with experience creating supplements since 1999. They are a Certified B Corporation, which means they meet high standards of transparency, accountability, and performance. They also partner with small, family-owned farms across India that practice regenerative, sustainable practices.

Organic India ultimately earns our designation as the best organic cinnamon supplement.


  • USDA Organic, non-GMO
  • Third-party tested
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Uses high-quality organic Ceylon cinnamon
  • Sourced from India in small farms


  • Only available as capsules
  • May be a bit high-dosed for some individuals

4. Terrasoul Superfoods

best cinnamon supplement - terrasoul

Terrasoul Superfoods has a cinnamon powder supplement, which contains organic Ceylon cinnamon powder sourced from Sri Lanka (the native region). This product is also USDA Organic, vegan, non-GMO, and third-party tested.

Additionally, Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder contains 64 servings per bag, so you get a significant amount with each purchase.

Terrasoul Superfoods is a high-quality, well-trusted company. They work with small-scale, organic, family-owned farms and only use organic, Fairtrade-certified ingredients. 

Overall, we’ve named Terrasoul Superfoods the best cinnamon powder supplement brand.


  • Organic, non-GMO
  • Third-party tested
  • Cost-effective
  • Sourced from small, family-owned farms
  • Sourced from Sri Lanka


  • Only comes as a powder
  • Doesn’t have a scooper

5. Carlson Labs

best cinnamon supplement - carlson labs

Carlson Labs has a high-quality Ceylon cinnamon capsule supplement. Each capsule contains 500mg of Ceylon cinnamon bark extract. And this product is made in a FDA-registered, cGMP facility. Carlson Labs Ceylon Cinnamon is also third-party tested and non-GMO.

This supplement is also very budget-friendly as the regular price is just $9.90 for 45 servings. And one can save 15% with a subscription. 

Lastly, Carlson Labs is one of the most trusted supplement companies out there. They have been around since 1965 and are committed to bringing only the highest-quality, safest supplements on the market.

In sum, Carlson Labs is the best budget brand for cinnamon supplements


  • Low cost per serving
  • Third-party tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Very experienced, well-trusted company


  • Not available in powder or other forms
  • Is not a standardized Ceylon cinnamon extract
  • Coumarin may be problematic for some individuals

What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon, as the herb and spice most people know, comes from the inner bark of various cinnamon trees. The four main species of cinnamon used commercially are:

  • Cinnamomum verum
  • Cinnamomum cassia
  • Cinnamomum burmannii
  • Cinnamomum loureiroi

In traditional medicine, cinnamon was used for many health ailments, such as gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure, wounds, dermatitis, toothaches, and other concerns. 

These benefits are likely due to the high concentration of bioactive compounds. In particular, essential oils and other extracts taken from the inner bark from cinnamon are rich in:

  • Cinnamaldehyde
  • Cinnamic acid
  • Eugenol
  • Various polyphenols

Potential Health Benefits of Cinnamon:

There are several potential health benefits of cinnamon as indicated by research. Some of the main benefits of cinnamon are detailed below.

the health benefits of cinnamon

1. May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

One of the most well-researched benefits of cinnamon is improved blood sugar levels. Research has shown that compounds in cinnamon have several beneficial effects for blood sugar levels. For example, cinnamon can stimulate insulin production and insulin receptor activity; enhance and regulate carbohydrate metabolism; and stimulate glucose uptake. All of these effects may lead to healthier blood sugar levels, especially in individuals with type 2 diabetes

2. May Support Heart Health

Cinnamon may also support general heart health and cardiovascular function, especially for circulation and cholesterol levels. Cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid are two of the main components in cinnamon that may help to lower blood pressure, decrease blood sugar levels, and decrease blood lipids (fats), all of which may support heart health. Additionally, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and may help relax blood vessels for further heart health support.

3. May Reduce Inflammation

Further research indicates that cinnamon can decrease inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. Specifically, compounds in cinnamon may reduce the production of inflammatory molecules and decrease the action of various inflammatory enzymes. In turn, this may lead to other health benefits due to lower inflammation, such as less pain and a decreased risk of metabolic syndrome. 

4. May Improve Symptoms of PCOS

Various clinical trials support the use of cinnamon for managing polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). One of the ways cinnamon may help is by increasing insulin sensitivity and balancing blood sugar levels, since hyperglycemia is commonly connected to PCOS. Beyond that, cinnamon may also reduce oxidative stress, which may help to reestablish ovarian health and may reduce other metabolic components in women with PCOS such as elevated triglycerides and cholesterol. 

5. May Promote Gut Health

Emerging evidence also shows that cinnamon may improve gut health. For example, cinnamon may reduce inflammation in the gut and enhance intestinal barrier integrity, which would lead to better gut function. Additionally, some research has shown that cinnamon may lead to a healthier gut microbiome which may lead to a decrease in digestive symptoms, such as diarrhea.

Types of Cinnamon:

There are four main types of cinnamon used commercially. These are:

  • Cinnamomum verum
  • Cinnamomum cassia
  • Cinnamomum burmannii
  • Cinnamomum loureiroi

Among these, Cinnamomum verum (Ceylon cinnamon) and Cinnamomum cassia (cassia cinnamon) are the most common. 

And within these two, cassia cinnamon is the one found most often in stores unless otherwise indicated. 

What Form of Cinnamon is Best?

If one is planning on ingesting a lot of cinnamon (i.e. greater than 2g), Ceylon cinnamon is best because it contains much lower levels of coumarin compared to the other forms, especially cassia cinnamon which contains the highest amount.

This is important because coumarin is a compound that can be toxic to the liver in high amounts. 

However, this doesn’t mean the other forms can’t be used. In fact, even when using cassia cinnamon, most individuals can safely use up to 2g per day.

Additionally, certain trademarked forms, such as Cinnulin PF®, use processing techniques to greatly reduce or eliminate the coumarin content in cassia cinnamon, which makes it safer.


There is a wide range of effective doses, with benefits from as little as 120mg all the way up to 6g per day. 

Due to this wide dosage range, it’s best to consult with your doctor to determine what dosage, if any, is right for you. 

If one is using cassia cinnamon, then the dose should not exceed 2g per day. 

How are Cinnamon Supplements Made?

Cinnamon supplements are made using the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree, typically ones that are two to five years old.

Harvesters strip the outer bark to acquire the inner bark, which is then dried until the strips are rolled into cinnamon sticks or quills. After this, manufacturers can then grind the cinnamon sticks into a powder or use them to create a water or oil-based cinnamon extract.

Most commonly for supplemental use, this herb is ground into cinnamon powder and sold as capsules or in the original powdered form.


What is the Difference Between Ceylon Cinnamon & Cassia Cinnamon?

Ceylon cinnamon is known as “true” cinnamon and is native to Sri Lanka, whereas cassia cinnamon is from southern China. 

Overall, Ceylon cinnamon is typically best for supplementation because it has much lower levels of coumarin content compared to cassia cinnamon. This is important because coumarin can be toxic to the liver in high doses.

With that said, cassia cinnamon can be taken in moderate amounts by most people, up to 2g per day. Also of note is that some supplemental forms of cassia, such as Cinnulin FP® are extracted in such a way to remove most of the coumarin and other unnecessary compounds, which makes them safer.

Is Cinnamon Safe to Take?

Cinnamon is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the USFDA when used as a spice or food additive. 

In fact, intakes of cinnamon up to 6g per day seem to have no adverse effects. However, this intake needs to be lower (<2g/day) when consuming cassia cinnamon as it is higher in coumarin content.

Overall, there are few side effects and potential risks with cinnamon, especially when used at an appropriate dosage. Most of the side effects that happen to occur are mild, such as slightly digestive distress or mild allergic reactions (e.g itchy skin). 

Can I Take Cinnamon with Diabetes Medications?

Cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels, so it’s recommended to talk with your doctor before taking a cinnamon supplement if you take hypoglycemic agents or other diabetes medications. This is to ensure that your blood sugar levels don’t fall too low.


Cinnamon is one of the most well-known herbs out there. While many people know of it solely as a culinary spice, cinnamon also has many potential health benefits, such as blood sugar regulation, heart health support, inflammatory control, PCOS management, and gut health support.

There are many cinnamon supplements out there today to possibly deliver these benefits, but only a small percentage of them are actually safe and beneficial. When choosing a cinnamon supplement, it’s important to find ones that are third-party tested, made from experienced, well-trusted companies, contain low doses of coumarin, and are in the appropriate dosage range.

Ultimately, when used properly and consistently, a cinnamon supplement can have the potential to benefit one’s health in several ways. Always consult your doctor before taking a new cinnamon supplement and to ensure the best dosing regimen.

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