Siobhan Mendicino

Inspired at a very young age by the landscape of Vermont, Siobhan has spent most of her life falling in love with nature and plants. After dealing with a persistent ailment in her late teens, and finding a lack of support from allopathic medicine, she decided to begin her journey with herbs. Following years of working with herbs as a hobby in the PNW, she realized the strong passion and connection she had with this wisdom and took a career turn to focus entirely on herbal medicine. 

Diving in, she completed her Certificate of Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Recognizing the high value in spreading the herbal word, she took to writing content for a number of herbal blogs to share the gift of this knowledge. Included with her writing, Siobhan loves making her own herbal preparations for her family and friends in order to continue her learning and forge deeper relationships with herbs and plants. She plans on continuing this path in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a community herbalist and educator. 

When she’s not behind a screen or in the apothecary, you can find Siobhan (once again) playing outside no matter the weather. From romping around with her two pups, a ten-year-old husky and two-year-old border collie, to riding down a snowy mountain on her board - Mother nature is her happy place. Siobhan just returned from a six-month adventure with her partner and pups where they traveled the US in their converted 1989 Chevy horizon van that they built out themselves. They have now settled in VT for the winter and come Spring, they will see where their passions take them.

Articles by Siobhan:

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4 Benefits of Feverfew: Dosage & Safety

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Eyebright is a herb that’s native to the heaths and dry meadows of Europe.  Eyebright flower parts were traditionally used to manage eye infections, alleviate …

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4 Benefits of Pau d’arco: Dosage & Safety

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