Author Bio – Tessa Pillay

Tessa Pillay, RD

Tessa is a registered dietitian and personal trainer with a unique journey to share. She’s dedicated to guiding others towards a more informed and empowered approach to wellness.

After completing her BSc Dietetics degree in 2021, Tessa’s nutrition practice has focused on child and maternal nutrition. In 2022, she found herself immersed in the rural surroundings of Ubombo village in KwaZulu Natal. This remote community presented its own set of challenges – a lack of resources, limited education, and pervasive poverty. Here, Tessa’s passion for clinical and community dietetics truly emerged.

In her free time, Tessa enjoys boating and travel. Her foundation in nutrition keeps her grounded in a world rife with health fads and demanding ideals of physical appearance. Tessa plans to continue navigating the diverse waters of nutrition and life, drawing from her experiences to make a lasting impact.